Roads across Cumbria are something of a talking point among residents.

Motorists are constantly complaining about the state of the roads across our county.

We asked our readers where they thought the worst roads are in Cumbria.

Dennis John Whicker said: “There are no bad roads, just bad drivers.”

Jonathan Hogg commented: “The public highways!”

David Potter continued: “A596 Maryport to Workington Road, Flimby especially bad needs resurfacing.”

Paul McCleary added: “All of them. Nobody should pay the road fund license to drive on them. The forest tracks haven’t got as many potholes on them.”

Tony Steel commented: “How’s about CCC just gets on with repairs? They know fine well which roads are knackered. I can’t remember the roads ever being so bad.”

Stuart Lawson said: “All of them! Can’t think of a single surface that’s fit for purpose. Potholes everywhere else. Roundabouts with pointless traffic lights on that cause congestion. Partly through incorrect timing between them. Mainly because they are not needed. Bypasses built by the cheapest bidder, and funnelled traffic on the remaining single carriageway sections. Need I go on?”

James Marr commented: "The A66. If it’s not an accident, it's road works or severe weather.”

Kirsty Little said “I’ve reported so many pot holes and nothing gets done. The road by Armathwaite Hall and Castle Inn is dangerous!”

Chris Dyer said: “The road to Buttermere.”