Readers have weighed in with their opinion on the final episode of ITV’s Viewpoint being cancelled in the wake of sexual misconduct accusations against Noel Clarke.

Twenty women who knew Clarke in a professional capacity have come forward with allegations in The Guardian.

Clarke has “vehemently” denied claims of sexual misconduct.

Earlier this month, the British Academy honoured Clarke with the outstanding British contribution to cinema award – after it had been informed of accusations of misconduct.

Here’s what you thought about it.

Lorna Adams said: “I thought people in this country were presumed innocent until found guilty by a judge and jury. Wrong decision to pull the last episode this evening.”

Janet King Bohn commented: “This is ridiculous, he hasn’t been found guilty. What happened to innocent before being found guilty? What a shame for everyone who worked on this show. I am really angry as I was enjoying the series.”

Karen Heather continued: “This isn’t right. I’ve invested my choice in ITV for four hours this week for nothing. The actor hasn't been to court yet? Surely this should be public choice whether they watch it or not.”

Tansie Anne added: “Innocent until proven guilty. It is for the courts to decide if laws were broken, not a TV channel.”

Louise Ann said: “Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? That’s what our legal system is meant to be based on!”

Kathrine Cheetham commented: “What has allegations to do with people watching a drama that they have committed to all week? He has not been found guilty and all his fellow actors who were part of the drama have been let down, too. Really the wrong decision ITV. I shall not watch another, what’s the point?”

Janet Bowers added: “Disgraceful pulling this final episode. So angry ITV! Let a court decide if guilty.”

Sandra Parker commented: “It was filmed before the allegations and he has not been proved guilty yet, last episode should still be shown.”