THE Royal Navy contingent of a west Cumbrian college's Combined Cadet Force have attended a multi subject course.

The 15 cadets at the Energy Coast UTC took the course over three days during the Easter holidays and had to complete a range of activities such as drilling, fieldcraft, leadership tasks, ropework and chartwork and navigation.

The course took place at the college on Blackwood Road, Lillyhall, near Workington, and was run by the Staff Contingent Commander Jason Alexander, Deputy Contingent Commander Craig Coulson, Cadet Warrant Officer Jack Fleming, Cadet Petty Officer Thomas Adams and student volunteer Josh Nicholson.

This was the first course of many that they aim to run at the college.

It was designed to stretch and challenge cadets, pushing them out of their comfort zones and show what they are capable of.

Contingent Commander Alexander said: “All cadets displayed self-discipline, courage and were respectful to naval doctrine.

"Some of the tasks were difficult and required solid leadership skills.

“I would have no hesitation in taking any of these young cadets to any naval establishment in the future.”

Deputy Commander Coulson said: “I was thoroughly impressed by all the cadets. They all rose to the challenge and gave their all in the tasks.”

Leading Cadet McPherson, also a UTC student, said: “The Easter course at the college was amazing in many aspects.

“It opened new opportunities and massively improved my knowledge on nautical skills and improved my leadership skills – both are useful for a career.”