Resilient university students in Carlisle are adapting to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic to continue and further their own learning.

Set the objective of planning an expedition for their course, second-year University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts students have been gaining valuable first aid skills in readiness to complete their module.

The Wildlife Media cohort participated in an outdoor first aid training session in the grounds of the dedicated arts campus in Brampton Road.

The training forms part of the Student Initiated Expedition module of the University of Cumbria’s BA (Hons) Wildlife Media degree course, providing students with necessary skills as they prepare to go on location.

The certificated Outdoor First Aid workshop was led by Jo Joveini, of Act Fast First Aid.

Wildlife Media lecturer Bettina Talbot said: “The Outdoor First Aid course is a brilliant workshop providing the students with important and practical skills to plan and execute their expedition in a safe and enjoyable way.

“Jo is very experienced in delivering the workshop and she loves teaching students. She equips the students with the confidence and awareness they need to successfully go on their adventures."

Student Emma Taylor said: “I have been on many first aid courses and this was one of the most entertaining and engaging I have been on, I really enjoyed it.”

Laura Baxter, BA Wildlife Media programme leader, said: “Previously students have completed expeditions to the Isles of Scilly to look at butterflies. This year students are keeping their expeditions more low and local'!"