A CELEBRATED Cumbrian sculptor is partnering with The British Deer Society this Spring to remind people that it is important not to disturb young deer find.

The message is: do not disturb young deer that may have been abandoned in undergrowth. Sculptor Andrew Kay has launched two new pieces, handmade in steel, ‘Fawn in undergrowth’ and ‘Hind and Fawn’ to help illustrate this message, with 15% of sales from the pieces going to the work of The British Deer Society.

Sculptor Andrew Kay said: “Spring is a magical time and the sight of a hind and fawn together is particularly joyful – in fact, the word ‘to fawn’ comes from the Old English word faegnian, meaning ‘to rejoice, be glad and exult.’ But with so many things in our natural world, it is human involvement which often jeopardises these wonderful creatures. It is certainly best to appreciate them at a distance.”

David McAuley CEO, The British Deer Society said: “Andrew’s work is beautiful and unique. Andrew has the ability to capture a moment in time and present it as a stunning piece of art. We are delighted to be working with Andrew to highlight deer welfare and in particular the wellbeing of young deer resting quietly while their mother feeds nearby.”