A West Cumbrian town could be left without a council unless willing volunteers step forward soon.

Two recent resignations from Aspatria Town council due to relocation and ill health, have left senior councillors worrying about the future.

Acting Mayor Alan Maxwell said: “The council is nearly down to the lowest numbers that allow us to operate.

“The town’s annual meeting will be held in May and he is hoping that some new blood ­— and especially some younger people ­— will look at becoming councillors.”

The council has a large say in how Aspatria is run. In recent years, the council has fought to retain free parking in the town and to keep public toilets open by taking them over from Allerdale council.

It also runs the Christmas festival and supports events such as the gala day.Through the efforts of the council, Aspatria has also won gold medals in Cumbria in Bloom competitions.

The council is able, too, to lobby other organisations such as Allerdale, the county council and Highways about problems with speeding, potholes and the like.

Anyone interested in helping to make life better for Aspatria residents and to help decide its future should contact the town clerk. Clare McCormick, on 07098949250 or email: clerk.aspatriatc@yahoo.co.uk