Many hours spent at the telescope proved fruitful for an amateur Cumbria space enthusiast last week.

Carlisle's Darren Bell spotted what he described as a “fireball” meteor burning up over Cumbria in compelling footage shot from his back garden.

As you can see from the footage, rather than just a streak of light that people who have seen a 'shooting star' meteor may be familiar with, this one increases in intensity as it burns up in our atmosphere.

Darren explains that the sighting showed up right at the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower which is visible at this time of year, although it appears not to be coming from the area of sky were particular meteor showers radiate from.

Darren stated that the objects are are not uncommon as one may imagine but have been more frequent of late. He feels that the increase in the amount of people taking up an interest in astrophysics and other sciences

He said: "Up until now the rarity was in filming them but with new smart home technology more and more people are capturing footage. This has the potential to help with research as the more data that is collected, the greater our knowledge. This can be invaluable to the scientific community."