A NEW initiative has been launched to help Cumbrian businesses reduce their carbon footprint - and save them money!

Eden District Council have joined up with Cumbria Business Environment to roll out the Greening Eden programme.

Since inception last month, 12 local businesses have already signed up, while more have been engaged across a range of sectors.

An Eden District Council spokesperson said: “The Greening Eden project has had a strong start, supporting twelve local businesses in looking at reducing their carbon emissions.

"The next step is to audit these businesses and build on the first month’s success, to promote a green economy in Eden.”

Firms across Eden are able to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and, working alongside CBEN, identify areas they can be reduced.

Philip Wanless, Partner at CBEN said, “Awareness of climate change and the need to measure and reduce carbon emissions is increasing, but many organisations are not sure how to begin this process.

“By participating in ‘Greening Eden’, we will work with you to understand what is required and why, and then help you move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

“CBEN have been contacting potential applicants, but companies can contact us directly by emailing greeningeden@cben.co.uk.”

Eden District Council has also announced a £400,000 funding pot to help businesses with work to lower emissions.