Funding for the only cemetery independently run in Allerdale is coming and big plans are underfoot to keep it looking its best.

Last year they were forced to entirely change the way the cemetery operated and funds now come from three major sources.

A spokesman for the Wigton Burial Joint Committee said: "We are pleased to give an update on what is happening regarding the cemetery.

"We have entered into a formal Agreement with Allerdale Borough Council Bereavement Services with effect from April, 1, 2021 to provide full curating services for the Cemetery which includes liaising with funeral directors, the purchase of grave spaces and transfer of deeds, booking the Chapel, erecting memorial headstones, arranging purchase and erection of plaques in the Memorial Garden and maintaining cemetery records and deeds.

"Despite the challenges of new working practices, drought, flooding, and Covid-19 we strive to maintain the high standards expected of us.

"We have re-appointed our grounds maintenance contractor Ian Rumney of Solway Garden and Landscapes who, together with his team, work hard to keep the grass under control, cut the hedges, prune bushes, trim trees, edge the paths, and restore old grave levels.

"The first grass cut of the new season due to take place soon."

The group have also praised the public who have been sharing many images of the site proudly showing off what is on offer.

They said: "We are pleased to see photos feature frequently on social media posts which reflect well on the Cemetery.

"Tivoli are contracted to provide gravedigging services and problems can sometimes arise with new graves sinking because of differing soil conditions and the weather.

"We do appreciate, at times, this can result in an unsightly initial finish to grave spaces but Tivoli re-attend on request to make good."

If you have any questions regarding grounds or building maintenance please contact the Burial Committee by via e-mail or by letter addressed to

Wigton Burial Joint Committee, Wigton Cemetery, Station Hill, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9BN.