A four-year-old from Aspatria has done something positive for the community with the hair he's grown over lockdown.

Kaleb Grandison donated his lockdown locks last Wednesday to Little Princess Trust who accept hair donations from anyone willing to give.

As a children’s cancer charity, the hair donated goes in to making and supplying real hair wigs for children and young people fighting cancer, to help them feel better for the duration of their treatment.

Little Princess Trust has been operating from 2006 and are always reaching out for communities to donate their hair, and with lockdown, Kaleb's mum, Kimberley Hudson, thought that now would be the perfect opportunity.

She said about the donation: "He's always had such long and beautiful hair and never had it trimmed. Never. Over lockdown he said he would like to get it cut and it being such a big change and all wondered if we could possibly donate it somewhere."

Both mum and son wanted to make a difference and with Kaleb's persistence for a trim, Kimberley suggested that they could give his hair to people who have been poorly and lost theirs.

"It gave us both more incentive to do it," She said. "I looked online to see where you could donate hair and the Little Princess Trust popped up. I thought it was a fantastic charity."

Kimberley said that Kaleb received a certificate and a tweet sent out from the trust that read: "SuperHairo!"

The youth worker mum said it was a shock to see his hair so short after four years of continuous growth with only a few trims here and there in the past.

Kimberley has accepted donations from friends, family and generous strangers for the haircut to give to Parkinson's UK and the North Allerdale Development Trust where she works.

She said: "My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's during the first lockdown.

"Over the year she has sadly deteriorated quite quickly and its had a big effect on all of us and that is one of the central reasons why we decided to donate to the other charity's as well."

Donations are still being made for Marilyn Hudson, Kimberley's mother who is putting up a brave fight against the disease.

At the beginning of the fundraiser Kimberley said the target was only meant to be a total of £500 and no more.

However it has recently exceeded its total and the family have kept donations open.