A Carlisle councillor has raised concerns for the whereabouts of a Victorian street sign that forms part of a city conservation area.

The Dias building, on the corner of Old South Henry Street in the historic Botchergate, is set for demolition under current plans that have been set in motion by housebuilders Persimmon.

Carlisle independent councillor Rob Betton is now urging for the street sign to be relocated.

"It's a historic quarter of the city and it needs to be reerected," he asserted.

"I don't know if the sign has been respectfully treated and protocol has been pointed out meaning that the sign would be respectfully returned as should be done.

"It's a cast-iron Victorian street sign and so it's part of our history and our heritage in this area."

Cllr Betton pointed out that Carlisle City Council has a "statutory duty to provide for and maintain street nameplates," as stated in the Cumbria 'Layout of New Residential Developments report.

The report states that efforts should be made for new developments to "contribute to, maintain and enhance the appearance of many parts of Carlisle District through the refurbishment of existing historic street nameplates, or the provision of replacements where this is deemed appropriate".

The report also points out that the duty would typically apply to "pre-1930 streets where these plates are usually found", such as those found on Old Henry Street.

"Whatever's put there in its place, potentially, will not be keeping with the history of our town. Once it's gone, it's lost forever," the cllr stated.

"It really does form part of an area of real historic significance.

"I'd hope that the developers find a way of making sure historic features form part of the new site. I don't see any reason why this cannot be achieved."

"If we look at what happened at Cumbria House, a similar situation arose there with a numberplate.I enquired about that and due to that it quite rightfully was stored safely and eventually was relocated to its original place. The point is, if I hadn't done that, it might have been lost."

English Heritage's 'Streets For All' publication, recommends the "retention and refurbishment of older signs in order to reinforce local character".

This is not the first time the developers have drew the ire of Carlisle City Council. Last July, leading councillors blasted Persimmon for failing to maintain 149-159 Botchergate adequately with councillor Alan McGuckin describing Persimmons’ record in the city record as “wretched”.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes Lancashire and Cumbria said: “We were very disappointed to see that the South Henry Street sign was taken from the building.

“If anyone has any information about its whereabouts – or can provide CCTV footage that might help to identify who removed the sign – we would urge them to report this to the police.”