During the winter, staff at Muncaster Castle have used the opportunity to significantly improve the facilities at Muncaster including resurfacing many paths and installing “Bugingham Palace,” a fabulous bug hotel to encourage more insects to thrive at Muncaster.

The bug palace is part of a series of steps to be taken at the property, which is hoping to become as environmentally friendly as possible in an aim to become carbon neutral.

They have also applied to Copeland Council to install solar panels on Meadow Vole Maze, in order to supply electricity to the estate and they are hoping to introduce electric car charging points for cars to charge up in their car park in the future.

Muncaster was able to reopen the Hawk and Owl Centre on April 12 and reopened the gardens in March.

Light catering and refreshments are available. For full details of opening and events go to www.muncaster.co.uk