It's time to burn off some lockdown pounds and get fighting fit.

Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, Jess Longrigg, is excited to return with her exercise classes once again in Whitehaven.

From 29 March regular outdoor fitness classes have resumed ranging from Circuits and Bootcamps to Aerobics and calisthenics with indoor classes set to resume on May 17, subject to government guidelines.

Jess works for the sports centre in Whitehaven and with it's prolonged closure decided to start her business during coronavirus.

During the first lockdown, when people were able to exercise outside, Jess put out word that she would do free classes for anyone interested in keeping fit.

Jess said about starting up: "When everything reopened again in July, my clients really enjoyed the classes and wanted me to continue so I took it on full time and it's gone from there."

Jess is being very thorough when it comes to the safety measures she has in place, she said: "Everyone needs to be two-metres apart with their own floor mats, if we're using equipment, you'll need your own cloth and anti-bacterial spray. Also everyone has to arrive and leave in masks and can't take them off until the session gets going."

There will also be plenty of hand sanitiser everywhere to limit the spread of infection on the equipment.

Jess is optimistic for the future of her business, she said: "I've always enjoyed helping people get fit and healthy and its especially great in the area. I currently base my sessions at Whitehaven Rugby Union Club, they let me use their off-pitch field and I have all sorts of people from different levels of fitness come and join in."

Jess would eventually like to expand her business: "I'd like to keep it growing in the area, people have told me they don't get many opportunities to exercise and I just want to help keep people moving and enjoy the outdoors. It's also great eliminating the worry of going to a gym and I want this to be a friendly place and a place for people to learn."

She continued: "People really enjoy the community aspect to it. I understand what it's like to have barriers to exercise and it's my aim to break those down for people."

Anyone interested will be able to book one-to-one training sessions from April 12. More details for all the classes are available on Jess's website: