PROGRAMMING changes in the wake of the Duke of Edinburgh's death caused a debate among News and Star Readers.

BBC, ITV and other UK broadcasters have cancelled scheduled shows on Friday following the news that Prince Philip has passed away at the age of 99.

All four of the main terrestrial channels showed tributes to the Duke - BBC Two's coverage was even the same as BBC One's.

Broadcasters halted their scheduled programming in order to air tributes to the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The likes of The One Show, Eastenders and the Masterchef finale were all dropped by the BBC, while ITV cut Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

The changes were welcomed by some of our readers on social media - but not all.

Fiona Bell said: "It does not need to be on every channel, very sad, but come on TV bosses!"

Caroline Briscoe agreed, and added: "There's no need to have it on every channel."

David Tomson wrote: "There does seem to be overkill on the death of Prince Philip today in the media and on the news."

Kaley Marie disagreed, however. She wrote: "So they should the nations lost a national treasure."

Others had a slightly more tongue in cheek response.

Gary Parkes said: "Got League of Their Own and Celebrity Juice recorded anyway. It's really easy to put something else on."

Pamela Robertson added: "I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we all just watched the soaps."

Judith Wheadon wrote: "If that’s all you can be concerned about is which channel you will watch. Goodness so sad."