IT seems as though readers of the News and Star are desperate for lockdown to end.

The news that Cumbria Police have issued 39 fixed penalty notices for Coronavirus offences during the Easter weekend generated a lot of talk on social media.

The four-day bank holiday weekend saw officers work with partner agencies across the county to tackle a range of issues including offences of meeting indoors and large group meetings.

Superintendent Carl Patrick said:"I am keen to stress that what our patrol officers saw over the weekend and what our partner agencies saw over the weekend was the overwhelming majority of people respecting the current restrictions and respectfully abiding by them.

“We thank everyone who did so and we remind everyone why the current Government restrictions are in place – to stop the spread of infection and save lives.”

Posting on Facebook, Kelly Cooper said: "People are fed up! We’ve all been locked down long enough ‘to save lives’ what about people’s mental health and the need to see family and friends and normality.

"That will save more lives! You don’t hear of people being depressed, anxious or suicidal because of all this! Time to get back to normal!"

Ian Green added: "The police have become chaperones, fining people for breathing in the wrong place.I never thought I'd see this. None of us did."

Craig Davies wrote: "Police won’t know what to do with themselves when this is over. Back to parking tickets and speeders."