Visitors will soon be able to embark on a very different kind of walking experience in Cockermouth.

Emma Coulthard is offering people the chance to walk with alpacas in the grounds of a family owned property - The Fitz.

The friendly alpacas, who have been making friends with the neighbours that walk past their field are getting ready to work closer with the public.

Emma said she has had the six black alpacas for a year and a half, but because of Covid was not able to progress their business idea. But she said: "We have really got started now and created the Facebook page recently, which will let people know that we are here."

Emma Coulthard, 46, who lives in Cockermouth, will be offering a range of alpaca services, including a walk around the Fitz Park grounds, hiring alpacas for weddings and other occasions, or for therapy purposes.

People will have the chance to lead the alpacas around the field and to walk through the private wood.

There are other animals to see there too including herds of goats, sheep and emus. For visitors it will be like a mini Cumbrian safari.

The alpacas are friendly, but can sometimes need a firm hand, so children aged 10 years or under must be accompanied by an adult.

The price of the one-hour walk is £20 per person.

Emma said: "I've got six alpacas, we got four of them the previous year and two in October. They are all boys, they are brothers and all have the same father. We've got Black Knight, Black Baron, Barnaby, Bugatti, Boris and Barolo.’

Emma's daughter Paige Slack, six, loves the new additions.

People that are getting married may like the idea of posing with the alpacas for a very different set of memorable wedding photographs.

Walks start from April 12 and will then be every day. For further details go to or Fitz Park Alpacas Facebook page.