Schoolsdays - the best days of your life!

That is what they say but it seems that most of our readers disagree.

There were 84 comments in answer to our question: What is your favourite memory from your schooldays?

And the overwhelming theme is that schooldays were certainly not the best.

In fact the trending "high" of those days were: leaving, holidays, snow days and Fridays.

But looking back gave some a slightly different perspective.

Colin Vaughan's memories were: "Home time the summer holidays and nicking off and detention, then leaving school for good. But I wish I was back."

Others had more pleasant memories

Fiona Clarke: "School puddings"

Alistair Oates: "The cricket nets."

The cricket nets

Aleasha Wallace: "Primary was the best. St Cath's in Penrith. We used to have social nights with all the families bringing shared supper and it would almost always turn into a sing song.

School dinners were also the best.

Secondary school! The day I left was the best day of my entire life. Couldn't wait to leave. I was sick of being told to sit down shut up and learn stuff I've never used since."

Joanne Weymouth agreed: "Good old days at my primary school which was Stoneraise School. Had such a laugh and making loads of good friends. Wishing I was still that age again."

Maria Hewitt: Getting a prize (tin of sweets) for getting the most different wild flowers (we weren't forbidden to pick them in the 1960's ) I still have the identification book my dad bought."

Luckily some things have changed for the better as far as Yasmin Richardson is concerned: Not a favourite memory but I remember when I was as in infants school, so only about 6 years old, I was thumped in the back by the teacher for doing a horrible painting

"They would certainly be in trouble for that nowadays ."