Lockdown restrictions are slowly continuing to ease with the next set of rules being lifted on Monday.

It is hoped that by June 21, the UK will have fully left lockdown and we will no longer have to follow any restrictions.

As rules are continuing to ease, we asked our readers what they were looking forward to the most about lockdown ending.

Nic Barnes said: "No masks and being able to hi-five people without going to jail."

Mary Margaret said: "Spinning classes and Chivers re-opening."

Michael Cosham said: "Perhaps less Covid excuses for ‘anything’ being done or not done!"

Pat Kirkup is looking forward to getting her hair done and said: "Going to the hairdressers!"

Simon James agrees with Pat saying: "Haircut."

Denise Poland said: "Visiting friends and having visitors at our house again."

Emma Heaton said: "Doing my driving lessons and test."

Claire Wilcox: "Beauty."

Kev Foy said: "I don't think that we will ever get normality back, Boris has brought up the Vaccine Passport question and now they are saying you will need one to go clothes shopping in Matalan!"

Gav Stuart Lee Troughear can't wait to get back to the gym.

Stephanie Graham said: "Shopping and drinks when I can cross the border from Annan to Carlisle again."

Ally Whitmore is looking forward to a trip to The Fairydust Emporium in Silloth.

Susan Barton added: "Cafe's opening."