From Monday, pubs will be able to open their doors for outside seating.

The move is the next step towards easing lockdown restrictions which are expected to be lifted no earlier that June 21.

We asked our readers which pubs they couldn’t wait to revisit when restrictions are eased on April12.

Mike Charters said: “The Squirrel Inn, Lowther Caravan Park.”

John Graham commented: “The Graham Arms in Seascale.”

Karen Nicholson said: “Crown n Thistle, Rockcliff.”

Dawn Dougherty added: “Dufton, Stag Inn lovely view, food and drink, can’t wait.”

Michael Poole continued: “Queens Arms, Warwick on Eden.”

Craig Robinson: "I can’t wait to visit Carlisle Cricket Club for a drink."

Sarah Pattison New said: “It’s still too cold for me, will wait until we can sit inside or it’s a heat wave.”

Hazel Spencer commented: “Howard Arms, Brampton.”

Macauley Skelton can’t wait to visit the Globe Tavern, Longtown.

Charlie Studholme said: “Wigton Rugby Club.”

Trevor Corlett added: “The Sunny Hill Pub to finally celebrate a birthday for the first time in two years.”

Dave Pealing continued: “The Sun Inn Pooley Bridge.”

Joanne Grieve cannot wait for Carlisle Cricket Club to open its doors.

Fiona Barwick said: “The Crescent Bar.”

Becca Marie added: “The Royal Scott Morton Park.”

Hannah Louise commented: “The Duke Of Cumberland for sure.”

Phil Rickerby continued: “None its madness who would sit out in this weather its freezing should be fully open before I go to a pub I don’t want to go to a pub to social distance.

“I want to go for the opposite to socialise”

Ann Hoskings added: “No thanks. Stick to my own garden with my hubby bubble.

“Wont feel safe enough for me.”