A man, who was arrested on Easter Monday, appeared before Carlisle's magistrates' court today (April 6) where he was charged with sending, by a public communications network, a message that was grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, or of menacing character.

He pleaded guilty to the offence.

Andy Travis, prosecuting, told the court how Matthew Keen, 31, informed police in Carlisle that he had travelled from Blackpool to report an offence, and was told he must inform Blackpool police.

He was taken to Carlisle railway station to return to his home address of Reads Avenue, Blackpool.

Keen also pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, a hammer and a black-handled knife with a fixed serrated edge, these were found after a police search outside the railway station in Carlisle.

Magistrates were told he had made threatening 999 calls to the police saying he would "stab them and slice them up" he also made threats to call handlers saying they would "die tonight", there was about eight phone calls made in a short period of time.

The court was told of how Keen said to police he had the hammer and knife for his own protection, as people in Blackpool were after him, and he had travelled to Carlisle because he thought if he went to his local police the people after him would find out.

He has 11 previous convictions for 26 offences, it was also mentioned that he had travelled from Lancashire during the Covid restrictions, and admits he has mental health issues.

Jeff Smith defending lawyer said his client felt he was in significant danger while in Blackpool and also suffers from schizophrenia and has stopped taking his medication.

After a lengthy deliberation, the magistrates released Keen on conditional bail in that he must live and sleep at his home address, not to telephone 999 or 101 unless there is a genuine emergency and not to enter Cumbria.

He will next appear for sentencing on 27 April at Blackpool Magistrates Court.