Getting a good night's sleep is essential for making sure you stay healthy and happy.

However, getting a solid eight hours isn't always easy, and there are certain factors that can make that seem almost impossible.

But the city we live in can be a factor that plays a huge part.

New data reveals that one Cumbrian area has ranked top in the UK for getting a good nights sleep.

New research from Sleepseeker has revealed the UK’s 10 best towns and cities to sleep in and Carlisle ranks six.

By looking at the levels of sky brightness, the number of noise complaints, nighttime noise levels, and anxiety levels, Sleepseeker gave an overall sleep forecast score out of 100 to discover the best and worst cities and London boroughs for getting a good night’s sleep.

Carlisle scored 82.31/100 ranking it the 6th top city in the UK for getting a good night's sleep.