EastEnders (BBC1)

Kush is planning a surprise wedding for Whitney, but it seems there's something else he's failed to tell his bride - she doesn't know that he has struck a deal with the Mitchells, until Kat tries to reassure her that it will set them up for life. So, when Kush tells her about the wedding, will she go through with it? And just how nervous should Phil be about the plea hearing?

Over at the Vic, Mick and Linda organise a party for Frankie. Sharon turns up with Zack and the ease with which she tells people he's her half-brother convinces Mick that it's time to be honest about his own relationship with the birthday girl. Just as he announces that he's her father, his other daughter, Nancy, walks through the door.

Nancy isn't the only prodigal Carter returning to the Square, as Shirley also comes back, having failed to find Tina.

Karen is struggling to make ends meet after losing her job, but Tiffany is flush with cash. However an irate customer has worked out he was overcharged, and he's determined to get his money back.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Weddings should be a happy moment, but as everyone knows, in soapland they rarely end in 'happily ever after'.

In fact, Carla and Peter will be lucky if theirs is completed at all because the groom's health is clearly in decline. Daniel thinks taking his half-brother to the hospital rather than the register office would be a good idea, but Peter insists on going through with the ceremony. He struggles to complete his vows, leaving Carla fearing the worst.

Kevin tries and fails to cheer up Tyrone over a pint - all his mate can think about is Alina. He insists he loves her, but agrees to move back in with Fiz for the sake of the girls, who are struggling to deal with the separation. Fiz also books them a counselling session with Toyah, but it's clear that Ty's heart isn't in it.

After being bombarded by trolls, Cathy decides the only way forward is to leave Weatherfield, Ed starts gambling again and Craig's career could be scuppered by his relationship with Faye.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Jamie and Andrea come to an amicable agreement about their divorce - but Kim doesn't feel quite so civilised when she discovers her son has given up Dale View.

She takes her anger out on Gabby and orders her to leave, only to instantly regret it. But Gabby and Jamie aren't the only things playing on Kim's mind as she later collapses. Lydia finds her the next day and raises the alarm, but Kim refuses to see a doctor. However, she's forced to open up about her health fears after Gabby sees what she's been looking at on her laptop.

As the day of Paul's funeral arrives, Mandy says she needs to say goodbye in her own way, which involves ranting at her ex's coffin. Unfortunately, Vinny overhears and tells her she should be ashamed.

He also rebuffs Liv's attempts to support him, and walks behind his dad's hearse alone, but when it comes time to deliver the eulogy, it finally all gets too much.

Moira and Amy offer Matty their support after he takes part in a consultation for lower surgery, and Victoria comes up with an idea to find Ethan's mum.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Martine is furious when Felix tries to involve Celeste in a dodgy business deal, but her daughter suspects there's more to her mum's passionate rage than just protectiveness - she's still carrying a torch for her ex.

When Martine eventually comes clean about her feelings, Felix is torn between her and Grace, but eventually shares a passionate kiss with the mother of his triplets. However, as they get physical, they discover a lump in her breast...

Martine tries to get it checked out at the hospital on a day when Grace is also there for the same thing. But while Grace's appointment goes to plan, Martine is turned away by Peri before she can see a doctor. Peri later realises she's made a mistake, but will the delay prove costly?

Sienna resorts to spiking Summer's drink, but it seems she's picked the wrong person to poison. Sami tries to win back Verity, but he's not so preoccupied that he doesn't notice Diane's obsessive cleaning, and cash-strapped Ste resorts to desperate measures.

Home and Away (C5)

Ari's week gets off to a terrible start when he's involved in a horrible accident after saying a heartbreaking goodbye to Mia. He's found unconscious in the street, with his life hanging in the balance. Perhaps if he knew Mac was pregnant, it might give him something to fight for.

Martha's grasp on reality gets weaker all the time and she doesn't want Alf to visit her. Later, she decides to discharge herself from hospital and then goes missing, prompting a desperate search led by her loved ones.

Willow and Ziggy finally put their differences behind them and become friends again - they're hoping to persuade Bella to do the same.

Dean and Amber struggle to co-parent while remaining just good pals, and Christian begins to doubt his medical skills. Susie tells Justin and Leah to get a larger deposit or find a private lender. In desperation, the would-be homeowners opt for the latter.

Neighbours (C5)

Fay's death has left a huge hole in the lives of her loved ones. Nicolette worries about Chloe, who doesn't seem to be coping at all. She does, however, appear to have developed a crush on her friend.

David, meanwhile, tries to help Aaron grieve by suggesting a new tradition. They also hear from Emmett, who would rather move back in with them than live in New Zealand with his Aunt Linda. She, however, is determined to take him away, despite everyone's protests. At least David and Aaron are pleasantly surprised by Brent's behaviour when Leila arrives for a home assessment - but she probably won't be informed about his eventful attempt to find something at the Willis house...

Olivia is convinced that Karl pushed her down the stairs, despite his protestations of innocence. He nevertheless feels guilty about her accident, but his efforts to improve matters only make them worse.