PROPOSALS for four local occupancy homes near Penrith have been submitted.

Eden district Council has received plans earlier this month for the homes at Churnside Farm Sheds, Melmerby.

The application has previously been turned down by the council for a number of reasons, such as not complying with the local development plan and lack of a drainage scheme, among others.

According to the supporting document: "This application is the resubmission of that refused under 19/0159 for the erection of four local occupancy dwellings at the former Churnside Farm.

The proposed development instils qualities that would further the interests and objectives of sustainability without levying a disproportionate environmental cost.

"The development scores positively across the environmental, economic and social spectra – the obvious question then being ‘where’s the actual harm?

"Whilst the site is evidentially and factually ‘already-developed’, it remains in policy terms, not previously-developed."

The period consultation period for plans end on April 6.

For information about the application go to:

Application number: 21/0204