SUPERMARKET giant Tesco has planted 4,000 trees in Carlisle in a bid to plant 88,000 across the UK by 2022.

They have been planted to the south east of the Warwick Road store.

It's hoped that the woodland would reduce the visual impact of the A69 and provide additional habitat for species such as otters and Barn Owls.

It's also aimed at improving local air quality by storing up to 90 tonnes of carbon over a 60 year period.

Philip Pearson, Tesco Carlisle’ store manager said: “It’s been great to see these trees being planted outside the store and I think it will not only improve the green space around the store but hopefully have a positive impact on the local community and our environment for years to come.”

Claire De Silva, head of communities, said: “The sites were identified as having land which would benefit from additional woodland which enhances the overall look and feel of the locations.”