2020 trends are significantly shaping the way for 2021, says Joe Bell, Surveyor at Davidson & Robertson (D&R), who predicts a very competitive market for rural sales right across the board - from rural estates and lifestyle homes, to forestry, farms and land once considered less profitable.

The rural property market in northern England has had significant interest across all types of property in 2020, including farms, land, small holdings, and residential properties with better quality units attracting noticeable premiums.

Mr Bell said “Small holdings were significantly the most popular property type, both sides of the Border. Being able to work from home definitely bolstered the rural residential market and buyers are looking for properties with a home office, good internet and private outside space.”

South of England buyers can achieve more value for money when purchasing in northern England and south west Scotland, which means the market in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway, and the Scottish Borders has seen significant demand.

In 2020 there were limited properties coming on the market in Cumbria and that’s still true in the first half of 2021. It’s very much a sellers market and critical to consider their best option when deciding when to sell. In north Cumbria, we have properties that are shortly coming to market that are just outside the Lake District National Park. We know our ‘potential buyers list’ has people who will be interested as soon as they are announced.

“People planning to sell within the National Park are in a very strong position, but must not rely on their location alone to achieve the best price for their property. The right agent should have a wide scope promoting the property and will be able to support their client throughout the sales process, offering the best advice in achieving those goals.

In the last twelve months we have seen more people looking in southern Scotland – that’s because of the pressure of demand in the Lake District National Park, but also because the price of property across the border is very attractive.

Burnfoothill at Eaglesfield, just over 10 miles over the border is a good example. We saw unprecedented interest with numerous offers. It resulted in a closing date that was not long after the property came to market. “In summary, we expect last year’s trends to continue across 2021, with rural property keenly sought after. There was a lower supply to the market in 2020 and this may continue as current owners continue to enjoy country living.With demand continuing to outstrip supply, there are still interested parties who have been unsuccessful in their search for a rural property which has led to us having a substantial buyers list.” Contact Mr Bell on 01900 268 633.