Plans are being made for Mandy and Paul's hen and stag parties, but it's clear Lydia still has some big doubts about the groom - and after noticing some inconsistencies in his dad's story about the kidnapping, so does Vinny.

His suspicions are confirmed on the stag night, where he overhears Paul on the phone to Connor and realises the whole abduction was just a scam to get hold of Liv's inheritance. Vinny announces he's going to share his newfound knowledge with Mandy, at which point Paul turns violent, pummelling his terrified son. In the wake of the attack, Vinny lies motionless with a trickle of blood coming from his mouth, while Paul is convinced he's killed him...

Elsewhere, Will manages to cover when Harriet tries to confess to the police, but the vicar still wants to be punished and comes up with a way he can help her repent her sins.

Faith notices how edgy Mack gets when the subject of his mother's death comes up, and decides to do a bit of digging, and Jamie feels guilty about the way he's treated Gabby.


Chelsea's conscience is clearly bothering her ahead of her big job - she even gives Mitch her expensive watch to pay Bronson's vet's bill - but it doesn't stop her heading to the airport with Lucas and the package Caleb gave her.

However, when they get to security, her father grabs her suitcase and tells her this is her mess, so either she goes through with the job alone or walks away. Chelsea goes for the first option, but then a guard opens up her luggage to check it...

Sharon is preparing to leave the Vic when she discovers another part of her past has also gone - her biological father Gavin has died. After saying he can rot in hell, Sharon eventually decides to go to the memorial, where her fellow 'mourner' Kathy grills her about Ian. But things are about to get even more dramatic when a man named Zack delivers a very bitter toast to the deceased.

Suki is horrified to learn that Ash is potentially throwing away her medical career for Peter and decides to take matters in her own hands ahead of her daughter's hearing.


Leanne desperately tries to raise the money needed to pay off Harvey, but when Imran refuses to give her an advance on her wages and Nick can only spare £1k, she ends up agreeing to carry out some of the villain's drug drops herself.

At least that means Simon's off the hook for now. He tells Kelly he'll take what's coming to him if she reveals who gave her the pills, but she keeps mum - and tries to wangle herself a new foster placement with Imran and Toyah.

Ronnie reveals he's in Weatherfield to find out if he's Michael's father, having had a fling with Aggie before she met his brother. Complications arise when Grace goes into labour and has a little girl who needs medical support.

Alina finally tells a stunned Tyrone how she feels about him, Cathy criticises Steve and Tracy's fundraising efforts, Abbi and Debbie fall out again and Nick moves in with Natasha and Sam.

HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4)

Mandy and Darren's big day arrives, but the chances of it going without a hitch depend on the bride being able to keep her daughter's killer secret quiet.

Unfortunately, that's looking unlikely, as Mandy is left scrambling for words on her wedding day, while the groom and Nancy both have some big decisions to make. However, when they get some good news later in the week, Nancy and Darren celebrate with a kiss...

Ollie is still determined to take Victor down, but first he will need to win his trust. Ste is willing to help, but will Ollie's plan work? James thinks it's going to take a miracle for him to get something approaching justice in the county-lines case, but could one be about to arrive?

Maxine and her mum try to help Liberty get her sparkle and confidence back, but Trish may have her own problems to deal with when Brad's former business partner - and her ex-lover - Fergus turns up in the village with an offer that may not be above board.

Meanwhile, Sienna tries to find out who shot her.


Dean doesn't handle the news that Mac knew all about Ziggy and Tane well - he hits the bottle. Ziggy finds it hard to move on from him too, especially after seeing him so heartbroken. Tane, however, offers her plenty of support.

Christian's drinking may land him in hot water when he's called back to the hospital a little worse for wear. Whether he uses his common sense and doesn't try operating in his inebriated state remains to be seen, but Tori also has to go into work to help resolve a dispute.

Justin's secret plan makes everyone think he's ill again, but his relationship with Leah takes a positive turn and they decide to go house-hunting together.

John thinks he's onto a winner with Susie, little realising she's digging for information, while Bella tries to get Chloe out of the way so she can be alone with Nikau, and Irene and Marilyn try to help Martha, who has mental health issues.


Olivia Bell returns to Erinsborough, which doesn't please Susan. However, Olivia announces she's planning to make amends by rewriting her book and approaches Karl for help. But is that all she needs assistance with?

The unfortunate Kyle is struggling to make ends meet and desperately searches for a way to pay the rent - and there's worse to come when he loses the Tram thanks to a conniving Paul.

There are crossed wires between Shane and Dipi. Despite being in a relationship with Amy, his feelings for his supposedly estranged wife have reawakened. Dipi, meanwhile, thinks there's no hope for their marriage and looks into formalising their separation while advising Yashvi to accept Amy.

Keeping Chloe at arm's length seems to work in Nicolette's favour, while Terese finds a way to help Brent, who is struggling at school and still fighting with Hendrix over Harlow.