It's no secret that teachers and education staff have worked tirelessly to adapt and overcome the challenges of working during the pandemic and trying to minimise the impacts of lockdown on children's learning.

Messages of praise have been flooding in for teachers and schools from families across Cumbria thanking them for all their support during the pandemic.

We asked families on the News & Star/The Cumberland News Facebook page if they had any schools or teachers they wanted to thank for their support during the pandemic.

We were inundated with messages for the wonderful work of school staff with people commenting that every staff member was worthy of praise for all they have managed to achieve in such difficult circumstances.

Here's what parents had to say:

Appleby Grammar School

Louise Ryan said: "Appleby Grammar School have been so supportive during lockdown. The amount of laptops they have managed to acquire to hand out to those in need has been amazing. The majority of lessons have been virtual which has proved to be a huge improvement in focusing students. Their pastoral care for students and parents has been outstanding, going above and beyond their brief. Fantastic. Thank you Appleby Grammar."

High Hesket Primary School

Vicky Winstanley explained: "The parental support has been beyond brilliant, the children have a weekly zoom call so they can see each other, all lessons are interactive with the class teacher on hand to answer the children’s questions, give them support and feedback and staff have done door step care packages for every pupil. Amazing school with amazing staff."

Maryport Primary School

Jacklyn Nicholson commented: "All staff at Maryport primary school have worked so hard continuing to provide the children with high quality learning while they are at home. Mrs Ormond has continued to hold collective worship several times a week live on Facebook and look through all children's work alongside running a large school and ensuring children are happy and well. Mandy Penn and Gemma Robinson have worked hard keeping the school running from the office! My child has had a great time in his bubble and I couldn't be happier with the support he has been given."

Jean Royal said: "They have gone above and beyond during these scary times. Reassuring both the children and parents / carers. Thank you to you all."

Scotby CofE School

Letina Louise Ali added: "Scotby CofE schoola nd not forgetting Scotby preschool both of whom all their teachers have been brilliant, and worked very hard to ensure the children's education remains paramount despite the pandemic.

"They have kept in contact from day one and are full of praise.

"Weekly work schedules are easy to follow, they are still continuing to do assemblies and daily zooms which is amazing especially when they have children to educate in school too."

Bellevue Primary School

Nicholajane Wilson said: "Bellevue Primary School are amazing from the home schooling and Teams meetings and all the staff have done more than the expected so proud that we are part of this amazing school."

Kirkland CofE Academy

Kerry Anne Graham explained; "Kirkland C of E Academy have been utterly amazing. The school as a whole have gone above and beyond in these difficult circumstances.

"Their home schooling plans were met for each individual child in such a way that it was easier for parents to home school their children.

"The children in school have also been given the same high level of education as those home schooling. The teachers themselves have worked their fingers to the bone for us all.

"Their support has been out of this world. Nothing has been too much trouble and even when us parents have contacted them sometimes close to tears they have instantly phoned us and talked us through strategies and ways to help. Can’t thank them enough. We are farmers and are naturally busy each day but throw into the mix 4 children and one with special needs. It’s been very difficult but their school have helped us no end."

Tebay Primary School

Claire Brook commented: "My girls have had a regular, sensible timetable, daily online teaching and fun activities, and seen their friends and teachers everyday, albeit virtually. Compared to other parents with kids at other schools we seem to have had the most amazing home-schooling experience in lockdown 3. Cannot thank the staff enough."

Plumbland CofE School

Mandy Westgarth said: "Plumbland C of E School have gone out of their way all the staff have been brilliant at keeping things going through out, great little school and amazing teachers and teaching staff."

Yanwath Primary School

Denise Banks Wood added: "Yanwath Primary School have been wonderful throughout lockdown with constant motivation and support from all teachers and staff. They have been extremely organised and professional and always at hand if need be- no matter what time of day."

Beaconside Primary School

Michaela Douma said: "All of the staff at Beaconside Primary School, Penrith. They have been absolutely amazing and the support given is to be commended. A truly fantastic school."

Ewanrigg Junior School

Yvonne Frost commented: "Yvonne Craig and all the staff at Ewanrigg junior school for going above and beyond for all the pupils and for supporting the parents/carers through these difficult times."

Inglewood Community Nursery and Infant School

Charmaine Mcdonald added: "Inglewood Community Nursery and Infant School have been brilliant ringing to see how children are and always online to answer any questions."

Cumwhinton School

Claire Griffiths explained: "My girls have been very well supported during hub school and home schooling . All the staff need to be recognised, but especially Mrs Mitchell who is kind enough to spend some of her evenings also doing story time on a Facebook page for all the children to access."

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Workington

Kellie Simpson continued: "Staff at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Workington, they have been so supportive, not only to our children but to us parents too, they have gone above and beyond every time. They’re brilliant and have kept everyone safe. They all work exceptionally hard."

Pennine Way Primary School

Lindsay Lilly Ivison explained: "Pennine Way Primary School have totally gone above and beyond during this lockdown. In fact during all of the lockdowns. They have made the lockdown so much easier to get through for both our children and us parents. We have had so many laughs and shed some tears at things our children's teachers have taken time out to do videos of our children to keep as memories, assemblies to celebrate the success our little people have done, very entertaining videos of the teachers having so much fun. All to entertainer our children, gifts sent to every child in the school and also Fareshare boxes for the families who are finding things a bit difficult! The list is endless. I am so glad my children are having the best education possible at this amazing school."

Carolyn Walker added: "Pennine Way Primary School, not only have they cheered up the children with all the video clips etc they also made a lot of parents and grandparents smile on sum of the hardest days."

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Frizington

Suzanne Nicholls said: "St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Frizington amazing, wonderful school supporting us parents and children with home learning in these strange times. Thank you to all the staff for your remarkable efforts during this pandemic."

Cockermouth Secondary School

Nicola Mower commented: "My Daughter Jessica Mower she’s a teacher at Cockermouth Secondary School and has worked so hard like all the other teachers in the area, she has been constantly working and not having any time\days off at all, and there’s been more pressure on them with remote learning and setting work. Making sure her students were ok continuously throughout."

St Benedict's School

Claire Benson continued "All of the teachers and staff at St Benedict’s school especially Sue Savage.

"Sue is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met , she’s an absolute credit to the school."

St James Junior School, Whitehaven

Wammo Walmsley said: "Mr Neil Nev Carruthers has been one inspirational positive man throughout the pandemic really helping both his pupils and the parents through these tough times. Absolute credit to St James juniors, Whitehaven."

Moresby Primary School

Jennifer Kennedy commented: "Moresby Primary School. All staff should be very proud of themselves. Great education throughout the pandemic, with the option of my child being able to go in as a key worker. Fab activities and great feedback.

"You should all be proud of yourselves."

Thomlinson Junior School, Wigton

Paula Clark said: "Thomlinson junior school in Wigton have been fantastic. Very supportive and often messaging and working late nights and weekends."

We know all teachers have gone above and beyond, and all teachers deserve praise but this is just a snippet of some of those that have gone above and beyond.

Don't forget - if you have a school or teacher to add then let us know in the comments here or under the story on News & Star/The Cumberland News Facebook page.

Cleator Moor Nursery School

Cheryl Leigh explained: "My little boy was due to start in January, although I was keyworker I chose it was safer for him not to go, the ladies kept his place and each week rang me to check in on us, sent little activities each week to keep him busy and drove down to my house with work packs. I feel they go above and beyond especially in the circumstances."

Fir Ends, Smithfield

Another parent added: "The teachers have run remote teaching by zoom every single morning (all morning for most classes, 2 short calls for early years).

"They then set a choice of tasks for the afternoons to suit all circumstances.

"Every week we have been invited to get books and printed packs to help with learning. We have been loaned chrome books. Certificates have been sent out to reward pupils for their hard work.

"The staff have always been on hand to help, even answering emails at 9:30pm. Every member of the teaching staff has been superb. I couldn't have coped without the support they offer."