EastEnders (BBC1)

Unusually for a soap character, Jack decides that honesty is the best policy and comes clean to Denise about Chelsea's attempt to seduce him.

However, when Denise confronts her daughter, she's surprisingly nonchalant, blaming her parents for her actions. Chelsea does later turn on the waterworks for Lucas, insisting that if Jack had gone to the police about the drug deal, she'd be dead.

Her dad later glimpses the real Chelsea when he hears her taunting Jack, but he's playing a dangerous game of his own as he poses as 'Jordan' to go on a date with Karen - and set up an interview with Caleb. His cover is quickly blown by the drug dealer, but Lucas later tells Chelsea he will still go through with their job - on one condition.

Kim continues on her matchmaking mission as she attempts to push Peter and Ash together, while a nervous Bobby turns to a dating app to find someone.

Janet gets caught up in the bickering between Billy and Jay, and Ruby struggles with her grief.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Steve finds Peter slurring his words and stumbling around, so jumps to the conclusion he's been drinking again.

Disgusted, he tears a strip off him – and is then forced to eat his words when, after Peter is admitted to hospital, his doctor reveals his condition was caused by toxins in his system.

Ken is disgusted with Steve and threatens to throw him and Tracy out. Carla, meanwhile, receives a tempting offer from Lucas – but is she really ready to start a new life away from Weatherfield?

Simon gets himself in deeper with Harvey and Leanne realises it's time she stepped in to help. But there's even worse news to come when Kelly collapses after taking a pill she bought from Simon.

Despite Todd's warnings, Sean is taken in by Rhydian's efforts to impress him, while Nina ends her relationship with a devastated Asha and Alina's feelings for Tyrone grow.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Jamie is secretly thrilled when Gabby starts to wonder if she's really ready for a baby, but after she sees him kiss Dawn, the mum-to-be realises he has an ulterior motive for making her question continuing with the pregnancy.

Gabby decides to tell Kim what has been going on, but as she rushes away, she falls - and Jamie just stands there, silently watching as she passes out...

Despite his recent behaviour, Dawn agrees to give Jamie another chance, so long as he's honest with her. That inspires Kim to step up her scheming as she spikes Dawn's drink ahead of her meeting with a social worker and reminds Jamie that he'd have nothing without her, so it's time for him to step up or step aside.

Jimmy agrees to let Juliette spend time with Carl, but vents his frustrations to Nicola, unaware someone is taking photos of them, which make it look like the couple are having an argument.

The grave where Malone was once buried is exhumed, leaving Harriet in turmoil and prompting her to write a worrying letter to Will. There's a spark between Charles and Andrea, while Ellis questions Priya's motives.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

A mysterious stranger, later revealed to be Sami's step-cousin Shaq, turns up in the village, apparently fleeing his wedding - and the two men who are chasing him. He proves he'll fit right into Hollyoaks, as on his first day of hiding, he overhears a secret that has the potential to destroy a couple.

A suspicious Misbah agrees to let him stay on the condition that there's no womanising under her roof, so she's shocked to spot not one but two of the McQueen women sneaking out of her house.

Mandy returns, full of plans for the wedding, but Luke advises her to slow down and come clean - and Nancy overhears the conversation. That isn't the only threat to Mandy's secret, as Ella receives a letter from Charlie, who says he's ready to tell the truth about the night Jordan was killed.

Cher's jealousy towards Mercedes is getting out of control as she lashes out at her stepmother, and then takes her revenge even further.

Meanwhile, Ollie tries to gain Victor's trust, but his addiction stands in the way.

Home and Away (C5)

An angry Kieran begins to manipulate his loved ones, and Roo grows increasingly suspicious of his behaviour.

Later, when he vanishes, Alf takes it upon himself to track Kieran down - but may regret doing so when he ends up involved in an explosive fight.

Bella struggles with the idea of taking over Colby's old room, but there worse to come. Via a newspaper article she learns that her brother is suspected of a second murder. Dean steps in to give Bella a reality check in the hope it will help her move on with her life.

Jasmine tries to distract herself from her problems by throwing herself into exercise, while Justin and Leah realise they have only one day in which to organise Christian and Tori's engagement party. But perhaps he should concentrate on himself - there's a possibility his tumour has returned.

Neighbours (C5)

After growing tired of her constant pestering, Paul takes drastic action to avoid Melanie. She, meanwhile, is invited over to Toadie's for dinner. He doesn't realise it's Valentine's Day, which means she gets the wrong end of the stick about his intentions.

Dipi is shocked by Amy's decision to open a business, but Shane is delighted by the move. Later, jealousy prompts Dipi to do something she will later regret, and Shane is forced to choose between the women in his life.

Hendrix clearly can't take a hint - he makes another misguided attempt to woo Harlow. In an attempt to clear the air between them, Harlow decides it's time her ex learned more about Brent's difficult upbringing, but it might be a case of too little too late.

Chloe returns to Erinsborough earlier than expected, having decided not to help Fay after all.