Plans to build luxury holiday accommodation have been met with opposition.

The former Military base in Anthorn has had plans submitted to create eighty holiday units and change the use of the site.

Residents have complained that it will be unsightly will have and impact on the area of outstanding beauty.

The plans which have been submitted by agent hope to gain approval for a club house and sports facilities.

The applicant who owns land at Anthorn Camp which still has remains of the base evident with a number of derelict buildings, such as access roads and hardstandings is keen to develop the site that will help to regeneration and create employment opportunities.

Here is what our readers have to say on the plans:

David Eyley said: "This is a derelict, run-down group of buildings, with a large areas of concrete. I would have thought that removing this and building something more modern would be an improvement, and bring jobs to the area? At least it is not on a green field site, which is what usually happens with our councils."

Lloyd Hodson said: "I live in Anthorn and have no objections, I think it’s a great idea as long as visitors respect the area they are visiting."

John Welsh said: "I can't understand why anyone would object to this, it's a win, win."

Jessica Oliphant said: "People will literally moan about anything."

Benny Benson said: "I can’t understand why any one would want to go."