Tragedy often brings out the best in people and nowhere was that more obvious that at the weekend when a puppy fell into a river.

Ben Allan and Fay Waugh were walking Parker, a six-month old Labrador when the pup fell into the river near the suspension bridge at Rickerby Park.

Ben jumped into save him but could not catch him.

Later the family contacted us to thank people for their support.

“The response was amazing from the police, fire brigade, people of Carlisle and the media. Thank you for your coverage."

From the time the first article went up people began to respond. In fact there wee more than 190 comments and 92 shares as people swung into action.

Many of those people joined the search for the pup.

Liz Fitton: "Amazing to see so many people out helping to search - so sad

Karen Rome:"We went to look. Desperately want to hear that he’s been found/"

Liz Fitton: "W did too - there were so many people doing the same "

When the news came that the puppy had not survived the ordeal, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy.

A tiny proportion invested in the "hindsight in a wonderful thing" scenario, pointing out where the owners went wrong, but the overwhelming response was sympathy.

Lynn Bush:"So sad it is heart breaking when we loss a much- loved pet,sorry for your loss."

Sheila Ronaldson: "So sad, great that so many folk came out to help look for Parker, fly high beautiful boy"