An Aspatria school has received a donation of 50 laptops.

Last week, the Mark Masons delivered the devices to the Beacon Hill Community School in the presence of Judith Shafer.

A county-wide campaign run by Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders (CASL) which aims to supply technology to children who are lacking the necessary means to attend their online lessons is ongoing.

Set up by Judith Schafer, the campaign set a target of obtaining approximately 1500 devices in a bid to plug the gap with the Government’s vow to supply the technology experiencing delays over the past month.

Mrs Schafer, who is also the head of Solway Community College, previously stated: “Without the right ICT equipment at home it’s so hard for pupils to engage in home learning. Working from a smartphone or tablet is really difficult and means pupils struggle to engage.

“Even in homes where there is a computer, it may be being shared between siblings all trying to do lessons at the same time.

She added: “Getting each child that needs one their own laptop will transform what they can achieve at home, and that is so important given the disruption pupils have already experienced and the uncertainty about the future."