NEWS and Star readers were divided on the ethics of evicting renters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Data from the Ministry of Justice showed seven possession claims for tenants' homes in Carlisle between October and December.

While this was up from four over the previous three months, it was still below the 33 claims made during the same period in 2019.

Think tank, the Resolution Foundation is urging the Government to provide more financial help for people struggling to pay their rent amid a “mounting arrears crisis”.

The Government recently extended a ban on evictions to stop renters becoming homeless during the pandemic - but some readers felt it this was unfair on landlords.

Amanda Rendall said: "I rented my old property. After two nightmare tennants who trashed the spot and stopped paying rent, I was easily thousands out of pocket.

"I was on a meagre wage back then and could barely afford to repair everything that had been done.

"Not all landlords are minted with huge portfolios. Many are your average Joe blokes just trying to make ends meet themselves."

Danni Atkins added: "So landlords are supposed to let tenants trash the place and not pay rent just because we are in a pandemic?

"Try working in lettings for one day and then saying this isn’t fair.

"We don’t know the circumstances in these cases at all, so it’s not really for us to judge."

However, others felt it was wrong to evict people who may have lost work due to circumstances outside their control.

Karen Ann Henderson wrote: "Oh my God no it's not right, people are finding it hard because they have either lost there job or furloughed due to Covid.

"They should not be made homeless."

Jean Millie added: "Seems very cruel and heartless to me, how can people pay their rent or mortgage if they aren't at work?"