All the TV soap action for the coming week:

EastEnders (BBC1)

Kheerat tries to strike fear into the heart of a Minute Mart shoplifter by telling him about the family's reputation, but it's clear the Panesar name hasn't made an impression on Walford's petty-criminal community yet.

It seems if they're going to become serious players, they need the Mitchells. However, Stas is reluctant to get involved with Ben, and there's more trouble brewing when Vinny is late to a meeting due to another run-in with the Minute Mart thief.

Stacey feels awful about Ruby's accident and tries to apologise, but she has more explaining to do when her former friend reveals Stacey locked in her an office and forced her to do a pregnancy test.

Kim and Ben discover that Kat and Phil have been hooking up - and encourage them both to find someone more suitable - while Kush and Whitney tell Gray they are an item.

Dotty and Keegan have different ideas about Tiffany being a hostess, and Chelsea is horrified when Denise comes clean to Jack about what's been going on, so she attempts to remind the copper that her mum isn't the only Fox female to have caught his eye...

Coronation Street (ITV)

The truth about Simon's involvement in Weatherfield's drugs underworld comes out after Sam confides in Nick about what he saw.

Leanne wants Simon to go to the police, but he refuses, claiming that Jacob would kill him if he did - and besides that, somebody has to put food on the table. Later, she spots him and Jacob counting their ill-gotten gains, then flips out when the villain makes a jibe about Oliver, accidentally smashing her son's music box in the process.

Shaken, Leanne calls in help. Carla doesn't want Peter to get involved, so confronts Jacob herself.

Alya worries that Yasmeen will always be Geoff's victim; her grandmother can't seem to move on, even after Tim reveals he plans to hand over his inheritance to her, which would pay off the family's debts.

Jenny grows increasingly concerned about Johnny, who refuses to take his medication, Nina and Asha's relationship hits a snag and Paul receives an offer from Daniel.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Faith's return is still causing ructions among the Dingles as Cain tells Moira she needs to pick a side, while Paddy asks Chas if having her mum around is really worth the upset - unaware his mother-in-law has overheard.

Zak tries to convince Cain that this is his chance to finally resolve things with Faith, but Moira is shocked to catch her sneaking away from the village. Can Moira persuade Faith to stay - and if she does, will Cain accept her?

Paul seems to have Mandy right where he wants her as she suggests they get married sooner rather than later. However, prospective maid of honour Lydia strikes a more cautious note by asking whether anything has really changed.

Laurel is suspicious when Jamie starts being nice to Gabby, and no doubt she'd be even more worried if she knew he was acting on Mackenzie's advice.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

The County Lines story has generated a lot of drama so far, but it's set to reach its peak this week as Sid makes a dangerous plan to record Victor's confession. The teenager gets a chance to plant a bug in the dealer's car, although he's almost interrupted by Ollie, who is trying to get his hands on some more drugs. Sid sends him away, and later thinks he's hit the jackpot when Victor starts talking. Unfortunately, the criminal later realises he's been betrayed, and heads to the Lomax household...

Meanwhile, as Ollie's addiction reaches dangerous levels, Luke reaches breaking point and throws him out of the house.

Sally overhears George chatting about his relationship and can't understand why he isn't denying that John Paul hurt him. She tries to make her son see his boyfriend's dark side, but is interrupting George's grand romantic gesture the way to do it?

Maxine struggles to win Trish's approval, and Scott warns Verity not to choose a hypothetical family with Sami over a very real job offer in New York.

Neighbours (C5)

Kyle considers handing himself into the police, unable to live with his guilt over the part he played in Bea's poisoning any longer. He's also under pressure from an angry Levi who, feeling that Kyle isn't acting quickly enough, reports him to the council. The Cannings face further issues, while Kyle's relationship with Roxy reaches breaking point.

Amy feels as if Shane's family disapproves of her, and his efforts to make her feel better only seem to make matters worse. Later, she comes up with a story to get his full attention - and that could turn out to be a big mistake.

Paul's efforts to bring down Nicolette backfire when Brent sticks up for her. The troubled teen and Nicolette form a close bond, but it's Harlow who finally persuades him to return to school. Hendrix, meanwhile, becomes increasingly jealous of the attention Brent is receiving.

Home and Away (C5)

Colby is released from hospital and returned to jail, where he's immediately in trouble again. But instead of receiving more treatment, he's put into solitary confinement, and Bella turns detective to find out why.

Justin worries that Tori and Christian are moving too fast. He also proposes to Leah, but Jasmine isn't thrilled by the prospect of their engagement. The duo may be forced to have a rethink anyway when it seems they can't agree on marriage.

Ryder struggles to run Salt when he's left in charge for the day, while an increasingly desperate Kieran goes to great lengths to get his hands on some alcohol.

Nikau returns from New Zealand, and he's soon enlisted by Ari, who needs his help to bring back Chloe after her mother shows up.

Ziggy struggles to keep Tane at arm's length and John tries to impress Susie, but all his hard work looks like being in vain when they run into an angry Alf.