Cumbria County Council has undertaken "significant work" to address climate change.

Celia Tibble, the county council's cabinet member for environment, outlined some of the authority's recent undertakings to tackle climate change at Thursday's full council meeting.

One of these undertakings is the chairing of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership, an informal partnership of more than 70 groups across Cumbria, which is working towards the shared aim of making Cumbria the first carbon neutral county in the UK by 2037.

The county council is also taking the lead on the Local Nature Recovery Strategy in Cumbria, as one of only five council in the country.

Mrs Tibble said: "It is a key pilot of national importance, to help kickstart the recovery of wildlife and nature across England, mapping the most valuable sites for wildlife, and identifying areas where nature can be restored."

The council has also recently agreed a new carbon management strategy, described by Mrs Tibble as a "real step-change in the council's approach to decarbonisation".

"There are many more examples of council activity on climate change action undertaken through our wide range of responsibilities such as environment, flood risk, planning, highways, transport, waste and public health," she said.

Mrs Tibble added: "We should not lose sight of the significant work this council has undertaken over the last decade on environmental climate change actions."