This week we meet two cats that have already been adopted and have happily settled in their new homes.


Warwick was rescued several years ago from the river bank near Warwick Bridge, hence the name! He appeared to have been dumped and was taken to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity where he quickly found someone who wanted to adopt him.

Fast forward five years and Warwick couldn’t be happier with his family enthusing,

“He is such a fabulous cat and very settled here with us! He still loves a cuddle and purrs very loud still!”

Warwick looks like one very contented cat.


Lucia and Dante (formerly Kizzy and Ninja) spent 100 days at Oak Tree before going to spend time with foster carers. The pair’s confidence came on in leaps and bounds due to the patience and TLC given to them by their fosterers, which was instrumental in finding them their forever home.

Their new family are delighted with this gorgeous duo and sent the following update:

“They seem very settled and Dante is coming out of his shell more and more. He does spend some time hiding under the bed in the spare room, sometimes joined by Lucia, but the moment we light a fire he is there, sprawling on a sheepskin in front of it.

We had to have a couple of electricians in the house on Monday and we were worried that the extra noise and people would upset them. Lucia came out of hiding and shouted at them and Dante stayed hidden. After the electricians had left Dante came out and was his usual self, which was good.

I have just been cleaning out the litter trays and had the back door open. Lucia pottered outside and sniffed around a bit and then came in. Dante put his nose outside, but not his paws. We are thinking of possibly having a small catio outside the back, where they would be safe but could enjoy some fresh air and a view of the garden.

They get very excited when I play the harmonica. We had a cat a while back who reacted in the same way. There is obviously something about the sound that they like. It sounds like caterwauling when I play - maybe that’s it!”

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