The University of Cumbria Business Society launches this month to help upcoming graduates connect with employers and business networks.

The society's aim is to help shape students’ learning experience and offer real-world support and guidance alongside academic business management study.

Additionally, it aims to help employers, organisations and business leaders engage and inspire future professionals.

UoC Business Society president,Will Adams, said: “From personal experience, connections and networking make the opportunities in your life and career.

“The aim is to connect upcoming graduates and businesses in Cumbria and Lancashire as a platform to encourage conversations, prospects and inspiration as we find our way into our own futures."

The UoC Business Society’s inaugural event is taking place on Thursday 25 February at 4pm.

Guest speaker and Construction Managing Director at Story Contracting, Emma Porter, said: “I always got a lot from external speakers when I was in business school and I think you learn a lot from hearing a wide variety of experiences and career paths.

"From my own perspective, talking to and with students gives me a great opportunity to hear some younger viewpoints, ideas and perspectives. In a fast-changing world this is invaluable.”

Employers and businesses can connect with UoC Business Society via email at