THE Farmer Network is organising an on-line workshop on Monday, February 22 from 7pm to help farmers plan for the implications of the Clean Air Act 2019 for slurry storage and spreading equipment.

Regulations will include the need to use low emission spreading equipment from 2025 and proposals to cover slurry stores from 2027. This meeting will help farmers start planning for the investment required and find out more about what grants and support might be available.

Speakers include: Susan Kenworthy, Natural England Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer and Andy Dyer, Farming and Conservation Officer at Eden Rivers Trust. Andy Dyer said: “Farms which store and spread slurry in any form are going to be impacted by new and enhanced rules and regulations, potentially from 2022 onwards. Planning ahead has never been more important for these businesses to identify what measures can be put in place now and in the future. This might save them money in the long run, ensure compliance with Regulations and benefit both the environment and their businesses, whilst making maximum use of any grants available.”

For more information and to register call the Farmer Network on (01768) 868615 or email