A Gateway to Opportunity Webinar is being announced by H&H Land & Estates in a bid to unlock updates to Rural and Farm Grants

Taking place on Monday, March 1, the free webinar will feature specialist professionals from H&H Land & Estates.

Chaired by Tim Sedgewick, Associate Director and Chartered Surveyor for H&H Land & Estates, the Interactive and Digital Zoom Webinar titled “The Gateway to Opportunity” will take place between 7.00pm-8.00pm.

Topics will cover everything from BPS 2021 & Entitlement Trading, to ELMS & CSS Agreements 2021. Updates to Woodland Grants, Hedgerow & Boundary Grants, and Water & Air Quality Grants will also be tackled.

Mr Sedgewick said: “There are so many changes happening continually to so many different grant values and payments opportunities. In order to dispel myths and reassure those in the sector, we are delighted to be able to host this free virtual event. We hope this webinar will provide people with the latest information from specialists in their fields, who have extensive knowledge as to how individuals can make the most of these incredible opportunities.”

Following live presentations there will be a Q&A facility. To book a place on the webinar, please register at: https://ruralandfarmgrants.eventbrite.co.uk