A FUND-RAISER set up to support a mountain rescue volunteer who was seriously injured in a fall has raised almost £15,000 in a single day.

The team member, who has not been named suffered “life changing” injuries after falling 150m down steep ground during a rescue operation on Saturday.

The team were called out to an individual with chest pains, who was camping on Red Screes, above the Kirkstone Pass.

The experienced volunteer, a man in his 60s, suffered injuries to his face and spine and was airlifted to hospital by a HM Coastguard helicopter.

A fund-raising page was set up on Monday to support the rescuer and his family through his recovery. By Tuesday afternoon, £14,665 had already been raised.

The fund-raiser was set up by John Gale, who was overwhelmed with the amount of money raised in such a short time.

He said: “What a response it has been. It was going up by £1,000 an hour at one point, I couldn’t keep up with it.

“Everybody in the outdoor community gets the sense that we’re all part of a big team, but what a way to highlight it.

“I run a couple popular social media groups on Facebook about the outdoors. I work for a charity and we have a lot of reach on social media. I thought if there’s an opportunity for the community to come together, then why not.

“I don’t think I thought it would be quite as much as we’ve got. I thought if we get ten thousand, that would be great. The more we raise the better.”

Two men who were camping, from Liverpool and Leicester, were fined for breaking lockdown restrictions.

Following the incident, the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association reiterated pleas for people to stay at home.

In a statement, the association said: “The simple truth is that the more people who are out walking on the Lakeland Fells, the higher the chances that our mountain rescue team will be called out.

“Rescues are much more challenging during the coronavirus pandemic. Our team members need to operate in PPE, and many of our volunteers also have full time jobs as key workers in the NHS and other essential services.

John continued: “There’s a lot of anger surrounding the circumstances, so it’s nice to do something positive.

“The mountain rescue teams are all volunteers. It’s all for free. To get injured when you’re doing something you’re passionate about is awful.”

John has been in touch with Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team regarding the fund-raiser. The money will be sent directly to the family of the injured volunteer.

To make a donation to John’s campaign, visit gofundme.com/f/supporting-seriously-injured-mountain-rescuer.