In these troublesome times, many people across our region have felt isolated and, at times, alone.

Thanks to the efforts of heroes such as Diane Newell, landlady of the Miners Arms Pub in Prospect, community spirit is still very much alive in her local area.

Her pub has been unable to open in recent times but, thankfully, Diane remains as vital a part of her community as ever.

“Our pub has been shut in recent times as we are just a wet pub,” she said.

“There’s always been an off-license next to the pub but we hadn’t really used it until now. As soon as Covid restrictions came in, we decided we would open up just to offer people a place for convenience. We organised bread deliveries as well as a delivery from Fox Butchers so people could get their meat here an also from a mobile van.

“We also arranged for local favourites like Heavenly Fish and Chicken at one point as well as Liz’s Country Kitchen to sell their food, so people could have some variety.

“We became a real hub in the village. We were delivering to the vulnerable and to those shielding. We didn’t want people to think we had forgotten about them. The people here mean a lot to me.”

Diane said that her bond with the people of the village had been strengthened in this period.

“I moved here eight years ago and in that time I’ve always helped with community events, because I feel it’s the least we can do as a community hub as a pub and I enjoy doing it.

“We’ve had so many lovely messages, thank you cards and flowers sent to say ‘thank you’.

"With us being the hub of the village we can do that, and I felt organising what we have was the right thing to do.”

She added: “In small communities like this we all need something to hold on to.

"If we have helped with setting up our services, be it through the bread service or the butchers, then that’s good enough for me.”

After her husband tested for Covid on Christmas Day Diane's efforts were repaid by her caring community.

“It was incredible to see, in our hour of need, that the support was there for us from the community as well," she said.

"The people we helped out, wanted to help us out.

"I will always be grateful for that.”