WITH young farmers well used to online activities, teams once more took to zoom on to determine who were the best debaters in the county.

The young farmers had the following interesting topics to discuss and the debates were skilled and well thought out:

  • Debate 1: This house believes that mobile phones should be banned for those under the age of 16.
  • Debate 2: This house believes the production of diesel and petrol cars should not be stopped in 2030.
  • Debate 3: This house believes that schools should serve vegan meals to pupils at least twice a week.

After two hours of fierce and articulate debate, judges Craig Brough and Andrew Dodds placed the teams as follows:1, Lowick A - 166 points, Leah Clough - Chairperson; Alice Longmire - Proposer; Ben Cooper - Seconder; Luke Hodgson - Opposer; William Longmire - Seconder. 2, Raughton Head - 161 points, Katie Rothery - Chairperson; Euan Bulman - Proposer; Robbie Tuer - Seconder; Emma Blamire - Opposer; Phil Potts - Seconder. 3rd - Lowick B - 132 points, Isabel Wilson - Chairperson; Chloe Dawson - Proposer; Robbie Hutchinson - Seconder; Jack Sowerby - Opposer; Hannah Sowerby - Seconder.

The teams will now go onto compete at the Northern Area Weekend hosted by Northumberland via zoom on February 27.