A HIGH-profile consumer marketing campaign by Red Tractor will switch its attention to beef and lamb in the coming weeks as the farm assurance body continues its mission to increase shoppers’ awareness and understanding of the logo.

To date, the campaign has honed on areas of food production that Red Tractor knows consumers care most about. How farm inspections can take place during a global pandemic, what modern milk production looks like and why British chicken can be considered world-leading are three topics that have been handled head on in the past year.

Now the face of the campaign, a working mum called Emma, will be diving into the industry that’s so important to the Cumbrian economy and landscape as she takes a look at the red meat sector. Red Tractor CEO Jim Moseley said: “The campaign looks at Red Tractor through the eyes of a consumer, and Emma is a relatable, busy working mum who represents the typical household shopper that we want to reach.“She is looking for value as well as quality and asks the questions that will help explain to shoppers like her why they should look for the Red Tractor. Following our recent, hugely successful chicken episode, our next episode is focused entirely on beef and lamb farming.”The role livestock farming plays in diets and the impact it has on the environment continues to be the focal point in global debate about sustainable agriculture.

Red Tractor’s campaign will explain demonstrate the standards British beef and lamb farmers adhere to as well as the importance of red meat as part of a balanced, healthy diet. It will also put some facts around the impact of its production on the environment here in the UK – a topic that is often misrepresented.

Local farmer and chair of the Red Tractor Beef and Lamb sector, Alistair Macintosh, added: “With so many myths surrounding the production red meat in the UK. It’s important to shine the light on the farmers who work incredibly hard to produce the best possible quality food for families, in the best possible way. Ultimately, I hope this will help alleviate unwarranted fears among consumers around red meat and provide the balanced and accurate facts so consumers can make an informed choice”.

The campaign will run digitally, aiming to inform consumers through a series of videos while encouraging them to engage directly with Red Tractor through its website and social channels. In the first video, Emma will visit a Red Tractor beef and lamb farmer, Richard, to find out more about how he cares for his animals and meets world leading welfare standards. She also explores the wider impact of Richard's farm and how he keeps track of his impact on the local environment.In the second, Emma speaks to university professor and leading independent sustainable livestock systems expert, Michael Lee, to discuss what makes Britain different in terms of the impact red meat farming has on the environment as well as why red meat is such an important part of a healthy diet. She learns that, far from being bad for you, an appropriate portion of fresh red meat both provides an abundance of nutrients and benefits but also means you can better absorb all the nutrients from everything on your plate.