Nearly half of adults (48 per cent) are more worried during the current lockdown than they were last March, according to new research.

“To be honest, I was quite surprised – I thought it would be much, much higher,” said psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton of the Public Health England results, unveiled as part of the Every Mind Matters campaign.

“I haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t struggled to some extent during the pandemic.”

The campaign aims to empower people to help improve their wellbeing with the launch of a website full of advice and support.

“It’s not simply about treating mental illness," said Dr Pemberton. "Before we get to that stage, it’s more about supporting people’s people’s mental health.”

“Something I’ve noticed myself, and that I’ve talked to a lot of my patients about, is the loss of structure and routine that lots of people have experienced, particularly for people who have lost their jobs.

“We know that actually people are quite resilient, provided there is a rhythm or routine in their life,” he added.