As part of the house system at William Howard School, students and staff have been asked to nominate their Hero with the aim of compiling a ‘Hero Wall’.

Associate headteacher Tracey Hill initiated the idea and set the ball rolling by nominating her hero, British astronaut Major Tim Peake.

Tracey said: “I proposed Tim Peake as my hero because he came from an ordinary background but worked his way from waiter to helicopter pilot to astronaut on the International Space Station by demonstrating incredible personal resilience”.

The student heads of house made a short video to encourage the school community to think about what makes a hero and ask who they would nominate.

Year 8 student Grace Little nominated her mum, saying: “My mum is my hero as she works so hard. She helps my grandparents at their farm every day, she would love to put her feet up like she deserves but she is always wanting to help. She is the kindest person I know she always put other people’s needs before hers”.

William Howard School students have been invited to ask Major Peake questions online on Thursday to find out about his time at the International Space Station, his chances of joining Nasa's Artemis Program to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, as well as asking about STEM careers and opportunities in the space industry.