Every week, Oak Tree Animals' Charity update us on pets who may be looking for a home or have already been rehomed.

This week we hear about three animals, in all, who would make a perfect pet for those on the lookout!



Stardust has come a long way since arriving at Oak Tree in June 2020. When she first arrived, she was severely overweight and unfit, causing her to be very uncomfortable.

Carrying this amount of weight can cause great strain on the animal and can easily lead to further health conditions.

The Equine Team have worked hard to improve Stardust’s health and happiness, which is still improving daily, and will lead to a promising future for this super little pony. Stardust has proven to have a charming and amusing personality and potential to be a ridden pony in the future.

The first step to Stardust’s health was to address her diet.

She has access to restricted grazing and hay throughout the day and her weight is recorded each week to ensure she is progressing in the right direction. Exercise has been the other main factor contributing to Stardust’s weight loss, such as lunging and going on walks through Blackburn Woods regularly.


On New Year's Eve Kizzy and Ninja went to a foster home while rehoming at Oak Tree had been suspended. This is the fosterer's amusing update:

"Kizzy is always within arm’s reach, if not on top of us, chatting away and purring.

She does take frequent breaks for naps, during which her snoring shakes the house. Kizzy is very mindful of her figure and so is sure to get in her daily exercise, every morning at 2am, by doing laps around the house and knocking everything off the surfaces. Ninja is still a reserved gentleman. If we are sat down he will gallop over and hop up for cuddles, but any time we stand up he retreats to a safe distance.

He does however spend all night with us! Whilst Kizzy is busy burning off energy, Ninja is purring louder than a motorbike next to our heads (only the pillow is suitable for his highness).

He has also learnt that a lick to the forehead or a tap on our nose are great ways to wake us up for head scratches.

They are at their very cutest when they nap together.

They'll curl up next to each other, give each other a quick bath, then fall asleep resting their freshly washed head on the other. Truly adorable."

These two will be looking for their forever home after lockdown, but, in the meantime, it looks as though they are perfectly happy in their foster home.

For more information about rehoming an animal from Oak Tree please call :

01228 560082 or visit www.oaktreeanimals.org.uk.