It’s January and the chances are, you have decided to set yourself a couple of challenges for the upcoming year.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing said: “If you have a hard time sticking to promises you make yourself – doing something for our pets might be the extra motivation we all need. This way we can help keep our pets happy and healthy in 2021 too!”

Nina’s top tips for resolutions that stick include:

1) Exercise

Everyone knows exercise is important for our health and mental wellbeing. Joining the gym in January may seem like a good idea, yet how many of us actually go? Our latest PAW report found that over 1.4 million dogs aren’t walked every day, so taking the time to schedule in at least two walks a day with your pooch provides a healthy solution that both you and your pet will benefit from!

If you have a cat, slot in some extra playtime every day, they’ll appreciate more attention and benefit from increased activity!

2) Learn something new

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we make, is to learn something new. Why not include your four-legged friend in this, too? Learning a new trick, or even just brushing up on their training, can help you to spend more time with your pet and you’ll both be learning something new!

3) Eat healthy

We’re all a little guilty of over-indulging during Christmas and this can sometimes affect our pets, too (although we would always recommend feeding them a balanced diet no matter what time of year it is). January is a great time to stop the snacking and stick to a healthy diet – for the both of you!

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