CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a new supermarket in Carlisle have been recommended for approval.

Carlisle City Council's development control committee will consider the proposals to build a new Lidl store on land off Warwick Road, which would create 40 new full-time equivalent jobs.

The application will be discussed on Friday and has been recommended for approval by city council planners.

The site covers 8,785 sq metres and is situated to the east of the Shiny Car Wash.

A previous application was submitted and withdrawn in 2015 following Storm Desmond.

Included in the officer's report prepared in advance of the meeting, it reads: "Members will be aware that this site flooded in both the 2005 and 2015 events as did much of the Warwick Road area."

The report also highlighted the Environment Agency flood defence work in the area since Storm Desmond in 2015.

In response to the application, 60 representations have been received consisting of 35 objections, 28 in support and one comment.

One commenter said: "Flooding could still occur - when we have excess rainfall I don't think the new defences could cope given two bad floods in the last 20 years and global warming.

"Warwick Road has flooding since the 1950s and it is a ridiculous idea to build on a flood plain."

Another said: "I worry that further concreting of floodplain land will increase flooding as happened in Sept/Oct this year as increased run-off may have been due to recent construction of houses on green land close to areas which flooded.

"There is less area for the water to be absorbed - I fear more houses in a bigger area will flood in the future."

Traffic concerns were also raised by residents. One said: "Warwick Road is already congested and even more traffic and another set of traffic lights will add to the congestion. There are already added difficulties during the football season when Carlisle are playing at home."

Writing in support of the application, one resident said: "It will create jobs and help the elderly and disabled by being at their convenience."