READERS have given their reaction to some of this week's coronavirus stories in the News & Star.

On plans to keep many of the county's schools closed because of the renewed rise of cases, Donna Collison said: "Keep the Schools closed it's the only chance we have of beating this."

Yvonne Walker said they should "stay shut".

On the first people to get the Oxford University/Astra Zeneca coronavirus vaccine Julie Williams said: "I'll be at the front of the queue when they get to my age group, can't wait to have it so we can be to some semblance of normal."

Eleanor Jean Tyler posted: "I'm nervous but I will have the vaccine as I can see no other way out of this."

Jonathan Carr said: "It's the only way out of it, clearly we need to get as many vaccinated as possible as quickly as possible."

Readers also reacted to Nicola Surgeon, first minister of Scotland, and her announcement on Monday that the country would go into a nationwide lockdown.

Daniel Da Costa posted: "The first few lockdowns resulted in nothing but a socioeconomic disaster.

"Makes perfect sense we'd just keep locking down and expecting a different outcome."