POPULAR Carlisle artist, Daniel Ibbotson, has for decades demonstrated a flair for the abstract.

The dad-of-two is also a self-employed painter and decorator and has been in the trade for three decades.

And he doesn't have to look far for inspiration, as a lot of his work uses what's left after he's completed a job.

Originally from Morecambe, he's lived in Carlisle for a number of decades and has been making art for about 40 years.

He studied the subject at the University of Middlesex from 1994 to 1997.

The dad-of-two said: "There is a lot a recycling for example I use materials from work, decorating waste - it is whatever takes my fancy in terms of context.

"The work's abstract, textural."

The 52-year-old has even won prizes, for example in the local Upfront exhibition in 2018, and made it to the equivalent of the semi-final stage of the London based Royal Academy of Arts exhibition.

On his website he also states: "I draw on my experience from working as a specialist decorator which afforded me innumerable opportunities to collect waste materials such as scraps of wallpaper, dried paint, coloured sawdust and used sandpaper.

"I also use objects discovered within in my local environment, some found discarded and some naturally occurring weathered materials. These components are utilised in a variety of ways to create multi-layered, highly-detailed works of sculptural abstract art.

"Each artwork begins with a visual representation of an experience as a foundation, on to which may be applied dozens of layers of additional material."

This year he's also tried to help other artists in the city and county by setting up exhibitions in pop-up shops.

The Presence, Winter Art Exhibition, ran from the December 11 to 20 in Crosby Street, Carlisle, and featured 68 of the county's artists, ranging from the professional to gifted amateur.

It followed a similar event, called Proseed in the Summer which displayed the work of about 40 local artists.

He's started the exhibitions because he thinks the area’s artists were not getting enough exposure to sell their work during the lockdowns.

Daniel added: "I suppose it could be a bit of a gamble, there's a chance that no one could turn up or that no one will buy anything.

"There are artists with different levels of experience and it had a very modern feel.

"It's a way to get things moving, we have a lot of talent in the city and I could have got another 68 artists at the drop of a hat.

"Most of the artists in the exhibition are from around Carlisle."

For more details about Daniel and his art go to his website at: www.danielibbotson.com