CUMBRA YFC Braintrust competition took place via Zoom.

Results are as follows:

Northern District:

1st - Skelton' 2nd - Raughton Head; 3rd - Greysouthen

Southern District:1st - Grayrigg; 2nd - Lowick; 3rd - Eden Valley

Northern District Teams:

Skelton: Megan Harrison (Chair), Zac Walsh, Katie Wilson, Rebecca Grierson

Raughton Head: Emma Hetherington (Chair), Mark Wharton, Tom Blamire, Jonnie Hetherington

Greysouthern: Rachel Armstrong (Chair), Matthew Fearon, Will Bowness, Jack Scott. Southern District Teams:

Eden Valley: Jack Sowerby (Chair), Will Rogerson, Joe Jackson, Hector Meanwell

Grayrigg: Martha Galbraith (Chair), Matthew King, James Dodgson, Bradley Wills

Lowick: Leah Clough (Chair), Ben Cooper, Will Longmire, Luke Hodgson

Kent Estuary: Becca Denney (Chair), Rosie Parsons, Chris Calder, Ben Handley

All six teams will now compete at the County Final on Monday, February 8.

Paul Barrow and James Airey who judges the Southern District competition remarked “Full credit should be given to all, we're living in difficult and strange times at the moment but young farmers have truly shown their spirit and proved that competitions like Brainstrust can still go ahead.”